The Stang Gang

Every shop has a unique story and a set of faces behind the scenes that keep the magic going.  This is our story.  Ready or not, here we come...

Meet Jamie & Dana

Parents of three, school teachers, church workers, librarians, sports fans, movie lovers, and partners in The Vinyl Motif, LLC.


Meet the Kiddos

Crimson ("Crimbo"):

Fun-loving, hard-working, devoted, athletic, studious, artistic, service-minded. Studying at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.  It was Crimbo’s softball teammates who dubbed us The Stang Gang.


Alana (“Lana”):

Smart, witty, faithful, artistic, book-loving, animal advocate, volleyball player, Senior 2024.  Lana is always curled up with a book & keeps us laughing with her quick-witted personality.


Emmitt (“Em”):

Brainiac, sports-afficionado, gamer, YouTube videophile, basketball player.  When he isn’t gaming or playing ball, Em is usually watching football or basketball, or one of his favorite YouTubers.


We are beyond blessed!  We love our family and our life!  We started this business because it is a passion of ours.  Creating things, both digitally & physically, is something we truly love to do.  It is a lot of work, but bringing joy to others while doing something you're passionate about is a labor of love!  We are persnickety & proud of it, and we hope it shows each & every time you choose the VM!